Welcome note

Every person shall establish, develop and compose a personality and a character. This takes time and possibly is a never ending process during our lifetime.

  • Personality is subjective. Personality traits are individual, subjective, and vary widely. Include sense of humor (or lack of), whether outgoing or shy, friendly or stoic, interests, passions, and many more.
  • Character traits are objective, constant, and timeless. Include honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, leadership, loyalty and courage.

Based on the "properties" (qualities) of our character and personality, we are developing our "behavior".  Through our actions we draw our trajectory in life; concurrently in the professional as well as the social domain.

  • Inevitably our own professional ecosystem largely determines our behavior.  Primarily this is due to focusing on the "mission" and effort in maximizing the timely deliverables ensuring quality.
  • It is quite different when it comes to our free/personal time.  We definitely have the opportunity to exercise freely our social contacts, where our behavior is less modeled; we are simply “ourselves”.  We do things as we like them, we are not necessarily under pressure of time and performance (unless it is the name of the game, as for example in sports). We may afford lack of focus, allowing our span of attention to expand into a widely diversified spectrum of interests and activities.

All above are reflected in this web domain, and its particular subdomains.  Professional and personal experiences, along with information sourced both from business and personal time.

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